Governance Token
BMeebit DAOBIT token
of the BMeeBits DAO
is available!
We have launched our very own decentralized DAOBIT token of the BMeebits DAO!
The BMeebits project incorporates the opinions of the community with the ideas of the platform, by using the DAOBIT token to make decisions on the development of the project, to make it more interesting, attractive, and easy to use!

Every user can receive DAOBIT token by staking BMeebits which are available for purchase via DEX, exchange or OTC !

The first users to mint 500 BMeebits will receive more of the DAOBIT token, for showing interest and being early supporters of BMeebits project!

Token contract is available via link.

Already today you can buy/sell DAOBIT
DAOBIT / BNB pool is available on PancakeSwap via link

You can also become a liquidity provider of added liquidity to the BNB / DAOBIT pool